Never Play #Hide And #Seek With These 15 #Animals And #Insects

If you thought chameleons were the only animals out there with super-stealthy skills, think again. While they are definitely more adaptable, these animals and insects give them a run for their money when it comes to convincing the unsuspecting onlooker they are just another piece of the scenery. Take a close look and see if you can spot ’em!

1. This imperceptible grevillea looper moth.

grevillea looper moth

2. This undercover orchid mantis.

undercover orchid mantis

3. This covert short-horned grasshopper.

short horned grasshopper

4. This sly terrestrial frog.

sly terrestrial frog

5. This inconspicuous horned lizard.

inconspicuous horned lizard

6. This stealthy southern velvetfish.

stealthy southern velvetfish

7. This wily pygmy seahorse.

wily pygmy seahorse

8. This camouflaged peacock flounder.

camouflaged peacock flounder

9. This deceitful sea scorpion.

deceitful sea scorpion

10. These cloaked langur monkeys.

cloaked langur monkeys

11. This cunning red grouse.

cunning red grouse

12. This crafty peppered moth.

crafty peppered moth

13. This indiscernible caterpillar.

This indiscernible caterpillar

14. This veiled American alligator.

veiled American alligator

15. This undetectable bark spider.

undetectable bark spider

Some of these are actually kind of terrifying… You’ll never see them coming. Share the stealthy pics with your friends!