Next Time You #Eat #Pancakes You’ll Definitely Remember This #Awesomeness

Reddit user speckle77 shared these cool pictures of him and his family creating their own batch of home made maple syrup. The pictures tell the whole process, from tapping the maple trees to bottling the golden candy that they give. The finished product looks so delicious I just want to drown my pancakes in it!

Here’s where it started, with collecting the sap from the maple trees. They had about 65 trees tapped in total.

collecting the sap

Spile and bucket.

Spile and bucket

The first drop!

The first drop

Collecting the sap from the pails on the trees.

from the pails

On a good day, they would collect about 45 gallons of sap from all the trees. The chunks of ice are the ones that froze overnight in the pails on the trees.

collect 45 gallons

Boiling all the sap on a fire pit. The pan holds about 75 gallons.

Boiling the sap

Once it was boiled down and water continued to evaporate, they added more sap to the large pan.

added more sap

Boiling off the water!

Boiling off water

It got hot!

It got hot

This is what over 250 gallons of sap looks like when most of the water has been boiled off. About 5 gallons left.

over 250 gallons

Filtering the syrup through a felt funnel.

Filtering the syrup

He says it took a long time to drain through.

took long time

Removing the silt that was clogging the filter (he says they were not sure if they were supposed to do this, as it may push silt through the filter, but they just wanted to get it done).

Removing the silt

After it goes through the filter they poured it into sterilized bottles.

poured into bottles

Almost done!

Almost done

The finished product. Lots of work for not much syrup, but totally worth it he says.

The finished product

Mable syrup in a whisky bottle, the most Canadian thing ever!

syrup in bottle

One thing is for sure, speckle77 has officially earned a “True Canadian” badge from us. Wear it with honor! Share this delicious looking maple syrup with your friends.