Nothing Is Better Than A Bully Getting What They Deserve

Bullying is a problem, one that’s not going away. A student that is only 21 years-old came up with an idea to help countless people across the country: We Are Empowered. Mackenzie wanted to help those who were being persecuted in their lives, bullied for things they couldn’t possibly control. “We Are Empowered is a project to spread the awareness of bullying, and empower the bullied to share their stories to begin to heal with others affected.” She gathered stories together of people who survived being bullied in order to inspire others… their stories and strength will bring a tear to your eye.

Your actions can’t cloud my sun.

Your actions can't

I am different. I am weird. I am EMPOWERED.

I am different

You called me anorexic because of my weight. Little did you know I was sick while still keeping a smile on my face.

You called me

Guess what? I’m UNBREAKABLE now.


Being bisexual is NOT a choice, and even if it was, I’m doing just fine.

Being bisexual is

I can get back up and heal.

I can get

Since I was 7, people have called me fat…

Since I was

I am almost 20 and I have finally stopped believing them.

I am almost

You called me a terrorist because of the color of my skin.

called me terrorist

If I had known, I wouldn’t have said it.

If I had

Kids used to make fun of my smile, but that doesn’t stop me from smiling today.

Kids used to

Why would that be a bad thing if it was true?

Why would that

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