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Seeing What This #Stray #Dog Did Will Hit You Hard

When I saw exactly what this two-legged roaming canine had to do on the streets in China, it made me cry. The wondering dog was called Si Bao by her owner who eventually deserted her.

Si Bao, after ending up roaming, was struck by a train. Her injuries were so serious she lost her 2 back legs.

Si Bao

She ended up being pregnant and birthed a litter of healthy pups.

she became pregnant and gave birth to a litter of puppies

Although she does not have her back legs, it daunt her a single bit.

it didn't make her weak

Si Bao adoringly takes care of her puppies, all while moving on her 2 front legs.

Si Bao lovingly nuzzles and protects her pups

She’s a resilient mom, and a survivor.

She's a resilient mom

There are over 130 million roaming canines living on the streets in China, with Si Bao and her pups simply being a small part of that population. The number of strays has actually been growing due to the fact that of China’s urbanization. Households are relocating into cities and high rise apartments and have no space for animals. Many did like what Si Bao’s owner did, they leave their animals behind. Share her story with others.