So A #Hedgehog Had To Get #Anesthesia…

Before he could get his mouth examined, Benny the hedgehog needed some anesthesia. To ensure that he would inhale the gas, he was placed inside of a plastic chamber. If that conjures a troubling image, you’re not alone, but it’s actually quite cute. Benny looks so adorable when he’s resting in peace – wait, that made it sound even worse. It’s cute, really! Take a look!

1. Benny on the scale.

Benny on the scale

2. See you on the other side, man.

See you on the other side

3. I don’t think the anesthesia is working…

anesthesia not working

4. …


5. The veterinarian proceeds with the oral exam.

The exam

6. Time to recover with some oxygen.

recover with some oxygen

7. A little drowsy, but he made it. Way to go, Benny!

he made it

Told you it was cute! You can’t say that about many medical procedures. Share this post.

(Sources: HedgehogSneezes/Imgur/ViralNova)