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Sometimes, the Need to #Nap is Just Too Strong to #Resist. These #Kids Prove It.

Sometimes you just can’t help it. You’re tired. You need a nap. But last time I checked, you’ll always at least make it to the bed. Or even the couch.

For these tiny toddlers though, the urge to snooze was just too much for them. But just enough to make us laugh ourselves awake watching them!

1. This little engine… couldn’t.

This little engine

2. The slopes just aren’t for everyone…

3. Ahhhh food coma.

food coma

4. There are just no words.

There are just no words

5. Just livin’ the dream.

Just livin' the dream

6. Always being “on” has it’s dark side.

7. Good work young man. Take no chances.

Good work young man

8. Slouch potato.

Slouch potato

9. I don’t know who’s funnier. Oh wait… yes I do!

Don’t laugh too hard. I’m betting you did the exact same thing as a kid (or even after last year’s Thanksgiving feast).

(Sources: FaithIt/ViralNova)