Stop Focusing On Results To Be Results Focused

Paint big picture
Photo by Ken Shirakawa on Pexels

For many business owners, success is determined by profits and accomplished by boosting revenue and reducing expenses. However, simply focusing on those results is a mistake which will produce meager impact to the bottom line. Because profitability cannot be forced.

You cannot simply wave a magic wand.

Results are not about putting no effort and hoping for revenues to increase, client to get on board, and expenses to reduce on their own. Rather, profitability is a by-product of having a dedicated and accountable team. A lot of managers develop monthly or quarterly revenue targets and work in reverse using scare strategies to make the team perform.

Do not be that manager.

When pressured to deliver results and force output, distressed managers believe the course to higher efficiency lies in placing rigid structures in the process. They typically rely on forcing staff to only use particular tools or penalizing them when they do not hit their revenue targets. When people are failing, aggravating pressure will just make matters worse.

Have more carrots, less sticks.

You should develop trust and openness with the team. Staff accountability and engagement will rise when they feel seen and heard, encouraged and supported. They will then be more motivated and step up as reliable, accountable people.

Staff must be dedicated to their tasks fueled by desire, not fear.

One method to motivate staff is to provide positive feedback in who he is becoming, not what he has been doing. Everybody desires appreciation when a job is well done, however, that recognition is temporary. Lasting motivation comes from observation that a staff is growing into a more reliable leader, innovative thinker, or evolving into greatness.

Build relationships based on trust.

In order to be successful, business owners must understand the aspects that build a reliable team. Trust is the basic foundation and is the core of reliability. Trust also motivates staff engagement to align with company mission.

People show up more for others than they do for themselves.

When staff know that their manager has their back, they’re far more willing to participate and be completely engaged in whatever they’re doing. Business owners planning to earn trust ought to think about how they interact with staff. Keeping your door open doesn’t mean anything to a staff who hesitates to speak freely.

Develop an active culture of interaction.

Check in routinely and actively welcome staff to communicate their ideas, obstacles, and victories instead of carrying out a passive open-door approach. Create purpose and balance, so staff feel that they’re contributing to a greater good other than themselves. It doesn’t need to be a mission to change the world, it just has to make them feel that they are part of a team that is dedicated to a goal.

Find the sweet spot.

Assign staff in roles that align with their strengths and constantly challenge them. If there is no challenge, staff will be bored, with a sense of lacking in purpose, and that they are wasting their talents. Drive them to be versed in things they do and learn how they can achieve more.

Challenge them just adequately to put their best foot forward.

Excessive challenge will overwhelm staff and trigger frustration and anxiety. As soon as trust has been attained and staff are performing in their peak, you will have to be clear on results, ones that are aligned with company and team goals. There has to be a team-wide visibility that everybody knows each other’s status and where each staff stands relative to the higher objective.

Paint the big picture.

Articulate the mission openly and clearly so that everyone understands exactly which piece they own. By being transparent about the mission, staff can then understand what is required to achieve results that are essential to them individually and as a team. Staff engagement is developed from ground up through strong trust between relationships.

To be successful, always begin with the drivers of your success – your team. Develop trust and offer challenge to promote natural responsibility. Create the correct basic values in your company and revenue targets can be easily and naturally achieved.