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The Only Thing More #Beautiful Than Their #Life Together Was Their #Death Together

Jerry and Edith Dunn were a completely devoted couple for 63 years. They were born in the same year (1931), met in high school and were together ever since. They weren’t flowery or wildly romantic, but the connection they had was permanent. They were soul mates.

Jerry and Edith spent 63 blissful years together. They were even born in the same year. And recently, their story ended when they died… just hours apart from each other.

63 years together

The two met in high school and then barely spent any time apart.

met in school

They were completely committed to each other, content living their lives together. When both began experience health issues, they knew the end was near.

completely committed together

Jerry died in his sleep in the middle of the night… and then Edith passed away peacefully as well, just hours later.

died in sleep

The couple was survived by their two children, seven grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. None of them were surprised to hear that Jerry and Edith passed away within hours of each other. They happily spent life together and then they peacefully entered the afterlife together.