The Smiley Face Habit

Smiley Face Habit
Photo by RawPixel on Pexels

Exactly how do you feel when you see 🙂 in an email? Do you feel more self-confidence in the author? More comfy? More at ease?

The truth is that the smiley face has actually penetrated company emails at all levels.

It is utilized to break stress over a demand. Or to level the playing field with somebody of greater authority. Or to smooth over an error made. For whatever function a smiley face is made use of in a company e-mail, it should not be utilized.

It is never efficient and ought to be removed, unless it’s utilized in an individual context.

If that holds true, individual e-mails should not be sent out through company e-mail accounts. As the work days get longer and frequently permeate into the weekend, it might be difficult to keep a healthy border between a person’s work and individual life. Work begins to be personal because it can have the tendency to be round the clock.

This has actually caused the seepage of smiley faces into work e-mails.

It begins to look and sound a little like high school. And we’re not even discussing the subject of LOL or other acronyms that likewise have actually made it into work e-mails. If you want to break stress or win somebody over, do this face to face.

And while putting in the time to construct relationships and collective collaborations.

At least, get the phone and make individual contact. The worst case situation is a company e-mail with a smiley face will make you look less than professional, not having authority, not having discipline, and rather immature. You will look like somebody who is not able to develop efficient, collective work relationships – because that is the truth.

If you are a supervisor and you send out smiley faces you will be permanently identified as weak and inadequate in managing. You will be seen by your subordinates as somebody that can be manipulated; without a backbone. And whatever you do, begin to reestablish healthy limits between your work life and individual life. It is vital to an efficient work life to disconnect daily from work. This might enable you to break the ‘smiley face practice’. Let me know what you think: