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The #Superfood #Hype You’re Buying Into Isn’t THAT #Great

A brand-new “research” comes out of the blue every week, spouting the health advantages of the world’s most recent superfood. We are then shown endless news coverage for a very long time on why this costly, uncommon food is the answer to our sicknesses and how we will not live our lives presently without it. What if we inform you that exactly what these so-called “specialists” considered a “superfood” is truly a scam? There are real superfoods in the world if you understand where to look!

super food


Too much for you to check out? Don’t worry. These are the kitchen facts you can throw in the face of those know-it-all Crossfit friends of yours the next time they will not stop talking:

  1. Quinoa consists of a lot of gut-irritating product that’s far from fantastic for your food digestion and, in truth, can be very revolting.
  2. Couple of researches have in fact tested/proven that Acai Berries have any weight-loss advantages.
  3. Wheatgrass includes essentially no nutrients, and might never ever be called “healthy” for an individual.
  4. The world’s closest to being a “superfood” is really watercress. Not kale.
  5. Bee pollen is in fact among the healthiest things you can consume.

Now I have to make my emergency trip to Whole Foods before they close. Afterall, here else am I going to get my day-to-day dosage of sacha inci seed?