The #Unthinkable Happened To This #Newborn But What 4 #Students Did For Her Will Make Your Jaw Drop

A day after the beautiful Victoria McMahon was born, she was stolen away from her mother and father. It’s a crime that should never, ever happen. Mélissa McMahon and Simon Boisclair were shocked when their newborn was swiped from a maternity ward. They didn’t know what to do, so Mélissa put a public plea for help on Facebook. Lucky for her, four students saw that cry for help. They decided to search for the kidnapper… just for something to do. They ended up being heroes.

Charel Bergeron, Marc-André Côté, Charlène Plante and Mélizanne Bergeron were on the lookout for the suspect’s red Toyota Yaris.

on the lookout

Once police released a surveillance image of the suspect, Mélizanne recognized her. They used to be neighbors.

police surveillance image

They went to Mélizanne’s old apartment complex and went to the suspect’s door.

Mélizanne's old apartment

The group listened quietly and alerted the police.

group listened quietly

Officers were able to save the baby… and the girls recorded the touching rescue.

Officers save baby

This is the moment that the baby was saved by officers. Understandably, the heroes were overcome with tears of joy.

baby was saved

It only took the friends three hours to save little Victoria. Her parents were ecstatic to have their baby back.

parents were ecstatic

The baby’s mother knew that it was thanks to the loving community and Facebook that her baby was returned. It was a miracle.

thanks to community

Without the four friends, it might have taken authorities days to locate Baby Victoria. Instead, only hours passed before she was back in the arms of her loving mother. People may complain about social media and Facebook, but this is one instance that the site helped make life better. It’s a truly wonderful story – please share what these friends did for a family in need.