There Is At Least One Photogenic Camel In The World And He Is AMAZING

Did you know that, when successful, camels make a selfie photo the best it can be? Many have tried to capture photos with camels in the past, but they are notoriously difficult animals to get a good selfie with. Perhaps it’s their whimsical nature. Maybe it’s because they’re secretly smarter than humans. Whatever the reason is, camels always leave funny reminders of their less-than-photogenic moods when cameras are around.

They’re more interested in a snack when you take the snap.

interested in snack

Like, they REALLY want a snack.

REALLY want snack

Seriously, do they just forget to eat until they see a human?

forget to eat

Sometimes your own excitement can work against you.

your own excitement

To be fair, it’s difficult to find a good angle.

find good angle

Recently, the impossible happened when these guys showed up to hang out with their new best camel bro. This camel couldn’t be more pleased to give them a great photo. Seriously, this is incredible.

the impossible happened

That is one amazing camel. All other camels are probably bad at photos because they’re jealous of this model-worthy guy. He definitely practiced that smile in the mirror for a while and couldn’t wait to bust it out.