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There’s One #Book That #Predicted The #Future About Nearly Everything in Life

If I told you that one book could predict major world events, you would think I’m talking about the Farmer’s Almanac. While the Farmer’s Almanac is fairly accurate when it comes to predicting weather patterns and events, I’m referring to a book written in 1969. John Brunner wrote Stand On Zanzibar about what life in the year 2010 would be like. It is a work of fiction, but after reading it, you would find some eerie similarities.

1. Europe establishes the Euro.

Europe establishes Euro

In the book, Europe establishes a union to protect and benefit their financial stability.

2. Honda becomes a leader in electric cars.

Honda becomes leader

This doesn’t sound like such a bold prediction, but in 1969, Honda was primarily a motorcycle company.

3. Electronic Dance Music

Electronic Dance Music

Brunner predicted that electronic music would take over the mainstream radio circuits. He’s not too far off.

4. Tobacco slowly phasing out.

Tobacco phasing out

Due to the numerous health risks associated with the tobacco products of the time, Brunner predicted that tobacco would begin to be phased out and certainly frowned upon.

5. Marijuana is made more legal.

Marijuana made legal

With tobacco on its way out, weed makes an entrance into mainstream society and becomes legal.

6. Detroit is in ruins.

Detroit in ruins

Brunner predicted that his native city of Detroit would collapse financially and be deserted.

7. School shootings.

School shootings

While he didn’t predict where, Brunner also predicted that school shootings and random acts of violence would be more prevalent in the future of 2010.

8. Facetime.


The book describes people as communicating via screens and being able to see each other. Sound familiar?

9. Viagra.


Sexual performance enhancers advertised on television was another prediction that Brunner made in the book.

10. Gay and lesbian relationships are prevalent.

Gay and lesbian

Brunner also predicted that gay and lesbian couples would be more prevalent and accepted in his future.

11. Movies on planes.

Movies on planes

Stand on Zanzibar also predicted that people would be able to watch movies and TV shows on planes.

12. President Obama.

President Obama

In the book, the President’s name is Obomi. That’s creepily close to real life President Obama.

It’s crazy how accurate (or close to being accurate) these predictions were. I’m starting to think that Mr. John Brunner may have a time machine to accurately predict the future. Either way, check out the book if you’re looking to get spooked.