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There’s Something About These Pictures That Is Oddly Satisfying…

You don’t always require an explanation for why something feels good. The most important thing is that it does feel good (and not just because you’re inebriated). There are things in life that just can’t be explained. Maybe they shouldn’t be. Some magnificent examples of things that are oddly satisfying are these images. Don’t feel weird that something as simple as stacked boxes is enjoyable. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Just sit back and relax.

1. A can of soda that fit perfectly into a cup.

can of soda

2. T-shirts stacked to show what’s on the t-shirt.

Tshirts stacked show

3. A box sliding into another box.

box sliding box

4. Logos that made long squiggles.

Logos long squiggles

5. A door that could not have gotten closer to hitting a parked car.

door closer car

6. A guy using a robotic arm to boogie without spilling beer.

robotic arm boogie

7. A tank of gas that came out to $25 flat.

tank of gas

8. A vacuum head that’s the same size as a nook.

vacuum head size

9. A Mobius ball.

A Mobius ball

10. A patch of snow that replicated the bench it was on top of.

patch of snow

11. A fork that stuck right into a place mat.

fork stuck right

12. An exit like this.

exit like this

13. A paint clone of the tray it was in.

paint clone tray

14. The only time a plane’s overheard compartment has looked like this.

plane's overheard compartment

15. An exquisite grocery aisle.

exquisite grocery aisle

16. Shopping carts stacked together nicely.

carts stacked nicely

17. A color-coded rainbow bookshelf.

color coded bookshelf

18. A gorgeously packed grape snack.

packed grape snack

19. This ceramic artist at work.

artist at work

20. A traffic cone fitting flawlessly into a patio.

cone fitting patio

You can find peace in life when you enjoy the little things. These little things were meant to be enjoyed. Lower your friends’ blood pressure by sharing this with them, they’ll thank you for it. Let us know what you think in the comment below: