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These 23 #Birds Are The #Worst #Troublemakers

I won’t lie to you, I’m totally a dog person. They’re lovable and sweet, and you always know when they’ve done something wrong. I could even be a cat person, too. They’ll pretty much operate on autopilot, and when was the last time you didn’t see them do something CUTE instead of bad? But birds… well, after seeing what they’re capable of here, there’s NO chance I’ll be getting one anytime. Not unless I’m prepared to live with a sociopath! (Albeit a totally adorable sociopath.)

1. Ralph will wreck you for this!

Ralph wreck you

2. Like a sailor.

like a sailor

3. Fail, utter fail.

fail utter fail

4. Someone really doesn’t like pets.

doesn't like pets

5. Our favorite beer spokesman would be proud.

favorite beer spokesman

6. I still don’t get modern art.

get modern art

7. I can play games, too, my friend.

can play games

8. Well I DOOO care.

I DO care

9. Ahh… fine.

ahh fine

10. Sleeping pills are my friends.

pills are friends

11. Yes, you do.

yes you do

12. That’s remarkable self-discipline.

remarkable self discipline

13. Ouch ouch ouch!

ouch ouch ouch

14. Well she’s not coming back.

not coming back

15. Noooooo!


16. The face of evil, ladies and gentlemen.

face of evil

17. Seriously, hardcore sad face.

hardcore sad face

18. At least YOU’RE happy.

At least happy

19. And type quotes, apparently.

type quotes apparently

20. Well everyone has a hobby.

everyone has hobby

21. Oh boy, I can tell.

I can tell

22. Always with the keyboards…

Always with keyboards

23. And finally…


That solve sit. Dogs are better than cats, and cats are better than birds. Because from serial killers to remote destroyers, these feisty pets believe in revenge! Watch out!