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These 40 Mind-Blowingly #Awesome #Photos Are Simply #Amazing

A lot can happen in the blink of an eye. Astonishing things can occur in a split of a second, things that happen so quickly our eyes can’t see it. That’s where high speed photography comes in. High speed photography is the art of photographing a rapidly occurring event, an exciting area of photography that captures some amazing images. The close-up splash of a drop of rain in perfect focus, a boxer’s face shifting as he gets punched, bullet tearing through a playing card, these are all wonderful examples of high-speed photos.

1. Drops of water in a palm.

Drops of water

2. Colorful liquid.

Colorful liquid

3. The moment after a drop lands in water.

drop in water

4. Shooting an egg.

Shooting an egg

5. Hollow point bullet through a can of Pabst beer.

bullet through beer

6. “Heartbreaker”.


7. Marbles landing on a bubble.

Marbles landing bubble

8. Amazing colors.

Amazing colors

9. A splash of color.

splash of color

10. Breaking a wine glass.

Breaking wine glass

11. The moment a water balloon pops.

water balloon pops

12. Water balloon pricked by a needle.

Water balloon pricked

13. Droplets on a face.

Droplets on face

14. Light bulb explosion.

Light bulb explosion

15. Colorful liquid.

Colorful liquid

16. A splash of coffee.

splash of coffee

17. Milk droplet in colored water.

Milk colored water

18. Whisky to the face.

Whisky to face

19. Shower cap of water.

Shower cap water

20. Water on fingers.

Water on fingers

21. Bullet goes through three water balloons.

Bullet through balloons

22. Milk splashing into coffee.

Milk splashing coffee

23. Bullet through a red light bulb (the hand is made of rubber).

Bullet through bulb

24. Shooting a strawberry.

Shooting a strawberry

25. Bullet through a balloon.

Bullet through balloon

26. Galaxia.


27. Summer time.

Summer time

28. Apple falling into water.

Apple falling water

29. An exploding paintball.

An exploding paintball

30. Water on an electric razor.

Water on razor

31. Bullet splits the Ace of Spades.

Bullet splits Spades

32. Punching water.

Punching water

33. The moment a boxer gets punched in the face.

boxer punched face

34. Hammer destroys a bottle of beer.

Hammer destroys beer

35. Glasses sliding on a table.

Glasses sliding table

36. Girl flicks her wet hair back.

Girl flicks hair

37. Drops of water.

Drops of water

38. “Lights out”.

Lights out

39. Sliced orange landing in water.

Sliced orange water

40. Popping a soap bubble.

Popping soap bubble

The spirit of photography is in the capturing of a moment. Life can move quickly sometimes and passes by in a blur, but with technology we can now capture all these incredible moments that happen to quickly for our eyes to see. Share these examples of of High Speed Photography with your friends.