These Children Are Doing Something So Beautiful It Will Melt Even The Blackest Of Hearts

Kids and animals are 2 of the most incredible things in this world. They are lovable, cuddly and completely innocent. When somebody at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Pennsylvania put the 2 together, it was clearly a genius concept. Therefore, so lovable.

The animal shelter motivates kids to come in and invest quality time with their felines up for adoption.

Tspend quality time with their cats

This program is known as Book Buddies.

Book Buddies

Not just does it assist the felines get much required interaction, it also assists kids learn.

cats get much needed interaction

The children come in to read to the cats.

read to the animals

The calming reading relaxes the felines.

calms the cats

The feline attention the children get is extremely welcome too.

feline attention kids get

Kids in first grades through eighth can enter the shelter and read to the felines.

grades 1st through 8th

The program will assist kids enhance their reading abilities while assisting the shelter animals.

improve reading skills

Felines discover the rhythmic voice extremely reassuring and calming.

rhythmic voice extremely reassuring

AND it’s downright charming. That is certainly win.

downright adorable

Not every house with kids is appropriate for a feline pal, so letting kids bond with the felines in this manner is a terrific concept. It gets the felines prepared to be adopted with other households, it lets kids get interaction with animals they enjoy AND everybody gets to practice their reading (even though the felines are most likely simply humoring the kids, generally their reading abilities are great). Click on this link to learn more about this special shelter. If you know anybody that likes animals or kids, you ought to share this short article with them.