These #Dogs Found The Cuddliest And Comfiest Seat In The House On The #Cat

When you’re craving relaxation, you want things to be just right. You might light a few candles, burn some incense, and dim the lights before finding the perfect place to rest your tired old self. But sometimes finding that spot can be tricky. Lumpy pillows and springy cushions can ruin all the ambiance you worked so hard to create.

These dogs have found the answer to your comfort needs: cats.

1. His favorite pillow.

His favorite pillow

2. It’s just like having a seat warmer.

It's just like having a seat warmer

3. So cozy.

So cozy

4. Looks comfy to me.

Looks comfy to me

5. Maybe we should all give this a shot.

we should all give this a shot

6. I’m sure cats won’t mind.

cats won't mind

7. They probably love this.

They love this

8. Who wouldn’t love this?

Who wouldn't love this

9. Yeah, they’re totally fine with it.

they're fine with it

10. And they get their turn too.

they get their turn too

11. It’s a mutual understanding.

It's a mutual understanding

12. Everyone wins!

Everyone wins

13. Because what’s cozier than a four legged friend?

what's cozier than a four legged friend

Go ahead and give it a try when your next naptime rolls around! Go on, share your new pillow with your four legged friends.