These #TV #Shows Have Incredibly #Strange Names in Other Countries

We all understand about the threats of bad translations. In some cases, bad translations are very humorous, as you can see from these bad translations of TELEVISION program names.

1. That sounds less interesting.

That sounds less exciting

2. No, he’s in fact a physician.

he's actually a doctor

3. I’m sure individuals think of the 70s that way.

I'm sure people remember the 70s that way

4. I believe you understand he will not have the ability to do that.

I think you know he won't be able to do that

5. I do not even know the best ways to discuss this.

I don't even know how to comment on this

6. Now that’s a program I’d enjoy!

Now that's a show I'd watch

7. I’m not insane, you’re insane!

I'm not crazy

8. I’m Doctor Who! This is going to be an Abbott and Costello regimen.

I'm Doctor Who

9. BFFs.


10. That’s a quite precise title.

That's a pretty accurate title

11. I question exactly what Gossip Girl is called?

I wonder what Gossip Girl is called

12. It is technically right.

It's technically correct

13. That’s fairly a different program.

That's quite a different show

14. Welcome to the Lonely Hearts!

Welcome to the Lonely Hearts

I would enjoy to see how we’d translate their shows in English. I question if they believe we would relabel them oddly, too.