This #Couple Quit Their #Jobs To Go On A 2-Year #Honeymoon

When Mike and Anne Howard tied the knot two years ago, they wanted a more adventurous honeymoon. So they quit their jobs, rented out their apartment and started their marriage with an epic round the world trip. 6 continents, 33 countries, 302 places… and more memories than they can count. The “honeytrek” took them just under two years, 675 days to be exact. Their travel philosophy is to go places too far to visit while still having jobs and too rugged to do when old,  don’t try to see everything and move quickly but thoroughly. Have a plan to guide you, but don’t let an itinerary bog you down. Sounds amazing! Check out some of the beautiful photos they snapped along the way.

Toasting to Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

Moon Valley

South African Steenberg Hotel’s affectionate greeting.

Steenberg Hotel

Hitch hiking their way through Cambodia.

Hitch hiking Cambodia

Laos’ night market.

Laos night market

Anne is dwarfed in Myanmar. “Now that is one big Buddha!”

dwarfed in Myanmar

An Irish Gathering.

An Irish Gathering

“1,584 miles around the UK on ACP Rail – gliding by beaches, mtns, castles, villages & nonstop views”

around the UK

Nashville, “buy 1 pair leave with 3 pair”.

buy 1 get 3

Taking a snowy nap after skiing 18,000 vertical feet at Burke Mountain in Vermont.

Burke Mountain

Enjoying a Dodger dog in LA.

Dodger dog

You can read more about their time abroad over on their website. Inspire your friends to follow their own adventures!