This Dad’s #Neighbors Are Going To Be So #Jealous When They See What He Built In His #Backyard

Long Island father, Jay Venini, felt so inspired by the winter Olympic games in Sochi that he build this awesome snow luge right in his backyard for his kids to enjoy. Trust me, you’ll be jealous when you see this thing! If they handed out gold medals for Father of the Year, then Jay would be bringing home the gold for Team USA.

Here’s the luge he build in the backyard. Pretty awesome right?

luge built in the backyard

If the kids keep that up then maybe one day they can make it into Team USA.

make it into Team USA

But until then it’s all about having fun!

it's all about having fun

I mean just look at that face! Best day ever!

Best day ever

Now that he’s done, can I have a go?

can I have a go

Throwing the camera down the luge, for that cool first person perspective.

Throwing the camera down the luge

Watch the full video here in all its Olympic-inspired glory: