This #Flower #Girl Will Strike You Right In The #Heart

Isabella Luckett is a 4 year-old with cerebral palsy. She can’t stand unaided. Because her legs are underdeveloped, she uses a wheelchair to get around. Her aunt was getting married and wanted Isabella to be the flower girl, but it seemed like would be impossible for her to walk down the aisle. But then, everything changed.

This wonderful harness called the Upsee enabled Isabella to walk down the aisle at her aunt’s wedding.

Upsee enabled Isabella

She said she “felt like Cinderella.” It was a miraculous moment for this little girl.

felt like Cinderella

The harness was sewn into her flower girl dress.

sewn into dress

Then, it was attached to her father. They were able to walk up the aisle together.

walk aisle together

The Upsee was just launched, but already it is helping so many children walk.

helping children walk

Gary Luckett contacted the company to get one specially made for Isabella in time for the wedding.

made for wedding

Bella was so happy to take those steps during the wedding. You could tell just by looking at her face.

take those steps

The Upsee harness was created by a mother who has a son with cerebral palsy. She wanted to help him walk, now she is helping families all over the world. Bella’s steps are a moment that she nor her parents Gary and Natalie will ever forget. Most of us probably take walking for granted, but for someone with limited mobility, it is a miracle. Share her wonderful moment with others.