This Guy Tried To Steal A Woman’s Purse and Got What Was Coming

We’ve all heard of people getting mugged or held up. It’s always in the papers or on the news. It’s an unfortunate reality that we all need to accept. There was an incident recently, though, in Chile that involved a woman, a mugger, a bus driver, and a little bit of instant karma. This is the kind of stuff that makes you a little more optimistic in life. Maybe things will turn out all right, in the end.

Here, you can see the mugger talking to his accomplice, getting ready to make his attempt at stealing a woman’s purse.

see the mugger

He makes his grab for the purse just as the bus door starts to close. But the woman holds on tight.

makes his grab

He gives up on the purse and tries to escape, but the door is almost completely closed and the bus has started moving. He and his accomplice can’t keep the door open.

He gives up

Now the situation has completely gone wrong for the criminal: his hand is now stuck in the bus door.

situation gone wrong

The bus driver pulls out a baton in order to intimidate the mugger and to keep him from escaping.

pulls out baton

Eventually the mugger realizes the situation he has put himself in, and sees that it’s best if he just gives up.

Eventually realizes situation

And who would you guess is waiting for him at the next stop?

waiting for him

The police… and backup. The situation is then explained to the officers by the woman and the bus driver who through their efforts stopped the criminal in the act.

situation is explained

Here’s the original video:

Fortunately in this story, everything turned out okay for everyone except the criminal.