This Guy’s #Response To Getting #Cancer Is So #Positive That It Made Me Rethink Everything

He was shocked by his Stage III testicular cancer medical diagnosis. That didn’t break him, his body or his spirit. Exactly what this guy withstood and his mindset at the end will make you reconsider your whole life. This is his amazing story.

Looking quite haggard after a 6-hour surgical treatment.

after a 6-hour surgery

In October 2010 Imgur user ImAGhostGhostGhost was detected with Stage III Testicular Cancer. He had 5 surgical treatments and 3 months of chemotherapy. His last round of chemo was in fact on December 31st. In this surgical treatment, they needed to eliminate 2 teratoma growths situated in between his spinal column & the body’s 2 primary capillary. Just 1 surgeon in the state was willing to perform this surgical treatment due to the location of these growths. This was the chance he was to fully rid of cancer!

The gnarly cut they needed to make.

The gnarly incision they had to make

Covered back together with glue. There are a couple of other imgurians with the very same scar! That brown spot is the discomfort medications being pumped straight into the stomach location… unsure precisely where it goes however hooray for morphine! He had not been able to consume for 3 days and might just have ice chips, and gargle water…

Outstanding better half and kids.

awesome wife and kids

Who stuck with him and kept him positive throughout chemo and all his surgical treatments. Exactly what would he do without them?!


cancer free

Please share this story and inform individuals to stay positive and never ever give up – even if the odds are against you! Never ever lose hope, even when life appears helpless.