This Is #Insane Whether You Like #Golf Or Not

Golf is difficult. Those professionals on television have fooled you into thinking otherwise. That is why we loathe it when some buddies brag about the game being so easy for them. What they do not ever let you know is how much money and how many buckets of balls they dropped on those expensive golf lessons. Shut your buddies up by taking them to this impossible course in Idaho.

The moving 14th hole on the Lake Coeur d’Alene golf course in Idaho is the most difficult pin you’ll ever try to attempt.

The 14th hole on the Lake Coeur d'Alene golf course in Idaho is the most challenging pin you'll ever try to hit

Gamers start off from coast, then get onboard a little electrical traveler ferryboat called ‘Putter’ for the journey to the drifting green of the third hole. Simply keep in mind, if you can have your ball landing on the floating green, you will need to take a ferry out for your next swing.

Players tee off from shore

A ferry steward helps the gamers and caddies around the ferry, and on the returning journey, a paper of accomplishment is granted to gamers with their names and scores.

A boat attendant assists the players and caddies on and off the boat and on the return trip

As Andy Mackimmie, course specialist, states: “The 14th is the supreme honor. Landing on the green makes you are a hero. If not, you will just sign up with among countless of balls trawled out of the lake by divers annually.”

The 14th is the supreme honor

I’m curious if anybody ever falls off that thing?