This Is What #Telephone #Towers Looked Like 100 Years #Ago

Fortunately for us, Tekniska Museet chose to share the photos of the wonderful old tower from back in its prime time. When you take a look at it, there’s no denying its appeal, however thanks to today’s innovation, it’s almost difficult to picture exactly what telecommunications would be like in the past.

For 26 years, this telephone tower served the individuals of Stockholm, Sweden.

telephone tower Stockholm

How did those wires even get there?

wires get there

It’s just SO huge!

just SO huge

This task must have been scary.

task been scary

From 1913 to 1953, it stood as a landmark up until it was damaged by a fire.

landmark was damaged

When the tower was decommissioned, it had about 5,000 lines linked to it.

tower was decommissioned

What an incredible structure!

an incredible structure

It’s so weird to think of a time when that was massively depended upon.

massively depended upon

I wonder exactly what individuals from 100 years into the future will think when looking back to our time. They’ll most likely make fun of our routers (because, c’mon, those are so confusing). Just look at your cellular phone and be grateful for it.