This Is Why You Don’t #Leave #Work For 3 Weeks When Your Colleagues Are #Evil

This man was out of his office for 3 weeks. If his colleagues were sane, absolutely nothing would have taken place. Fortunately, people he worked with are crazy enough to make his life very interesting. When he showed up at his cubicle after his absence, he was amazed by this “present”, gifted to him by his colleagues.

It appears like a big problem, but it would be difficult not to be delighted by all this wrapping paper.

it seems like a huge nuisance

Even if there were only staplers under the tree.

Even if there were just staplers under the tree

Since there is an embellished tree in this cubicle, finished with sloth picture.

there is a decorated tree in this cubicle

Often, your colleagues can actually make your work worth driving to each morning.

your work friends can really make your job worth driving to every morning

Even if it means they have too much time on their hands.

Even if they have a little too much time on their hands

The only drawback to this would be that, once you unpack everything, the only present you are getting is to be able to work as normal.

the only gift you're getting is to be able to work normally

The cabinet was nicely wrapped that it’s still functional.

Even the trash can was wrapped

Even the waste paper basket was covered. That’s commitment to a prank.

Even the trash can was wrapped

More often than not, in life, your job is only as good as your colleagues are. And with semi-evil colleagues like those responsible for this, life have to be awesome. Share their pranks with your own pals.