This Little Girl’s Reaction Is A Must See Especially When You Find Out What She Watched

Grown men have fainted from the sight of childbirth, unable to witness the miracle of life. It is a shocking thing to see, sometimes. Births can be messy and ugly, but totally worth it in order to bring life into the world. This little girl, however, had an incredible reaction when she watched a video of her own birth. Instead of recoiling with fear or revulsion, she was overcome with happiness and gratitude. It’s unbelievable how she reacts.

She wasn’t quite sure what to think at first…

wasn't quite sure

But then she saw herself.

she saw herself

“I’m so cute!”

I'm so cute

Not everyone would have this kind of reaction.

have this reaction

Life is truly a miracle and even this little girl knows it.

truly a miracle

To see her full reaction to the birth, watch this video:

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