This Looks Like A Completely #Normal #Bike But It Is #Not

Utilizing your living space or bed room to save a bike is quite typical. Thanks to the imaginative Gianluca Sada from Sada Bikes, the bike storage option might have simply been resolved.

It looks like anything but regular bike.

It looks like a normal bike

This is the spokeless bike, an idea by Sada Bike.

This is the spokeless bike

It can fold like an umbrella, which is best for those staying in tight metropolitan areas.

It can fold up like an umbrella

You can remove the wheels and fold the whole frame.

You can take off the wheels and fold the entire frame

Bike storage would not be a problem.

Bike storage would not be a problem

Not just will storing bicycles be much easier if you use the Sada spokeless bike, it would also minimize bike theft too (considering that more individuals would have the ability to bring their bikes inside).

I will purchase 1 as soon as these spokeless bikes are manufactured. Share this outstanding item with others.