This Man Spent Years Taking Photos Of One Small Town

Artist and professional photographer Michael Paul Smith has actually invested many hours photographing one unique town that he holds really dear to his heart. There is something that constantly drew him to it, and the images he produced are basic, however, spectacular. They radiance with small-town beauty and innocence, similar to the days in the past.

The town he photographs is charming and stunning.

town he photographs

It’s like each photo narrates of how life was like in the United States.

picture tells story

There’s very little going on in these photos.

little going on

It’s apparent that this town is absolutely nothing but charm.

make incredibly convincing

As it turns out, likewise not genuine.

also not real

Michael develops custom-made mini designs and sets, diligently crafting each detail.

custom miniature models

The 60 year-old professional photographer develops the hyper-realistic images.

hyper realistic images

If you didn’t know any better, you may believe these are vintage pictures of a town from the past.

you might think

And NOT the incredibly little designs this guy constructed.

NOT extremely small

He began constructing these designs as a hobby.

started building models

He wished to practice his craft as well as his photography.

practice his craft

He never ever expected it would be a “dream-like restoration” of the town he grew up in.

never imagined it

To Michael, this is exactly what ultimate America appeared like when he was a child.

this is quintessential

It is definitely stunning.

is absolutely beautiful

If “Elgin Park” were a genuine town, I would enjoy living there.

If were genuine

He develops the scenes by establishing Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint die cast automobiles and trucks in front of his designs on card tables.

creates the scenes

Then, he utilizes the surroundings to make up the backgrounds for the images.

uses surrounding scenery

The point of view needs to be JUST right…

perspective JUST right

point of view

Usually the resulting images are completely convincing.

the resulting photos

Even when you understand exactly what’s going on behind the scenes.

Even when know

It’s all an illusion.

all an illusion

But Michael is able to make an exceptionally convincing one.

able to make

His selfies aren’t part of the main picture series, however I believe they simply contribute to the beauty of his work.

aren't part of

main picture series

Michael’s work is a reminder of how things used to be (and how we may remember them).

work is reminder

reminder how things

used to be

how we remember

may remember them

If you ‘d like to see more images of this ideal American town, check out the Elgin Park website. To get more information about Michael’s work, please check out the Craftsmanship Museum website for a complete writeup on his skills and procedure. Share his unique photography with others.