This Reporter Didn’t Want To Do This TV Segment But Luckily She Did

When ABC anchor Amy Robachs was asked to go get a mammogram for a television segment, she was reluctant. She had been putting off the treatment herself due to her hectic schedule. She eventually conceded… and it was a good thing, because it saved a life – hers…

When Amy Robach got a mammogram for a news segment, she didn’t anticipate to get life-changing news.

life changing news

She merely planned to debunk the treatment, to motivate others to go for routine check-ups.

demystify the procedure

She was a hectic mom and anchor, so going for a mammogram had not been a concern for her. Now, she is definitely glad she did.

mother and anchor

It was announced that Amy has breast cancer and will go through a double mastectomy.

Amy has cancer

After the mammogram on-air, she was recalled into the workplace by physicians.

recalled into workplace

That night, everybody flew into New York City and began getting ready for a battle.

ready for battle

Amy was fortunate that the cancer was discovered early and she has the chance for treatment.

She had hoped the segment would save somebody’s life. She simply did not think that life would be hers.

segment save life

Cancer is severe. Never ever postpone self-examinations or mammograms. Advise your good friends to arrange their medical check-ups by sharing this story.