Those People Are #Sleeping On A #Grizzly?!

No, these individuals aren’t relaxing on a real grizzly bear, however when you learn exactly what it in fact is, you’ll wish to be taking a seat.

The folks in the images listed below are doing their finest hibernation impressions on a bean bag chair. If you like bears, bean bag chairs, or spooking the daytime out of individuals who attempt to disrupt your naps, then you’ll like this piece of furnishings.

Okay, THAT is not a genuine grizzly bear?

not a grizzly

Are you sure?

Are you sure?

Well, it has to be.

they must be

Due to the fact that everybody who is relaxing on it looks very chilled.

lounging looks relaxed



These bears sure have mastered the art of how to sleep.

learning how to sleep

Children enjoy it too.

Kids love it

Why not? Bear or chair, this is an adorable cushion!

this is an adorable cushion

Among the very best advantages of this bean bag chair is that new guests to your house will undoubtedly hesitate to take your seat if you chose to get up from your resting bear. For more from Chic Sin Design, have a look at their Etsy store and Facebook page.