#Vampirism May Be More #Real Than You #Think

Obviously, we have all sorts of qualities and conditions that fit with the description of vampires we have been offered throughout the ages. It’s no marvel why the legends of vampires are so popular…

1. Fierce-looking Fangs

Ferocious-looking Fangs

Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is a condition that triggers an individual’s teeth to grow extraordinarily.

2. Dread of Garlic

Fear of Garlic

There are individuals who are not vampires experience Alliumphobia, a phobia of garlic.

3. Thirst for Blood

Thirst for Blood

Some individuals who certainly are not vampires have a hereditary blood condition called porphyria that gives them the desire to consume blood.

4. Failure to Endure Sunlight

Inability to Stand Sunlight

Xeroderma Pigmentosum is an uncommon congenital disease that makes it difficult for your DNA to fix any damage to your body brought on by ultraviolet light.

5. Dread of Mirrors

Fear of Mirrors

Catoptrophobia or eisoptrophobia is the phobia of mirrors, which vampires hate because the mirror’s pension for exploding their not having a reflection area.

6. Vulnerability to Wooden Stake Stabbings

Vulnerability to Wooden Stake Stabbings

Similar to vampires, we people do not react well to having wood stakes pushed into our chest cavities.

7. Belief in Vampires


They have to be followers too if vampires in fact exist. After all, they are living it.

I did not know individuals might be so vampire-y. Looks like I am going to have to shift from #TeamJacob to #TeamEdward.