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Vile, Gruesome, Grisly, #Adorable #Duck #Murder

Nobody would wish to stroll into a murder scene as grisly as this one. The damage was done, however the offender had to be found. Prepare yourself to see something gruesomely lovable.

After stepping foot inside the door, this animal owner saw something they would never ever have the ability to burn from his eyes.

owner saw something

There were 2 suspects – however just 1 might be sentenced.

1 might be

Both Dog and Cat were discovered near to the body. This would not be an open and shut case.

close to body

Cat showed sociopathic propensities, not revealing emotion when delighting in the leg of the dead duck.

displayed sociopathic tendencies

Dog enthusiastically licked his lips over the body, however that was not adequate proof.

licked his lips

Till Dog was captured with a few of the remains IN his mouth.

IN his mouth

In addition to this threatening note.

this threatening note

Oh Dog, how could you?

how could you

We cannot tell if his regret is genuine, we’re just glad a criminal like Dog is now locked away.

remorse is real