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Watch What These Sloths Did To Steal My Heart In Just 1 Minute And 51 Seconds

Being a sloth is tough work. You eat all day, move around occasionally, and look super cute. That’s hard right? Well to stay in super-cute shape, these guys do need to be cleaned every now and again… and is it awesomely cute. So what better way to show the world what they’re missing out on than an entire special on Animal Planet dedicated to Sloths and their bath time?

First these little guys are placed in a bucket for safe keeping. We don’t want them scurrying away.

placed in bucket

Then one by one they go into the bath. They even get used to the little brush to clean their skin and fur.

one by one

Judging by their reactions, they love it!

Judging by reactions

And then of course, they hang out to dry after…

out to dry

Check out the awesome full video below:

Well if you ever wondered how to bathe a sloth, now you know. Think your friends know? Share with them and leave your comment below: