What Could These #Giant #Rock #Circles Found All Over the World Possibly Be?

They were not seen in their totality up till the 1920s, however these big stone circles have actually existed for countless years. When flight became possible, pilots and people started to observe them in their totality. Appropriately called the “Big Circles” by archaeologists, they are numerous meters in size. Actually, they are so huge, you can’t see what they are until you have an aerial view of them. Despite being located in various Middle Eastern countries, the Big Circles are thought to be built for the same reason. That reason, however, remains a total mystery.

1. “J1” Circle

J1 Circle

2. “J2” Circle


J2 Circle

3. “J3” Circle


J3 Circle

4. “J4” Circle

J4 Circle

5. “J6” Circle

J6 Circle

6. “J10” Circle

J10 Circle

7. Syrian Circle

Syrian Circle

8. Close Up Of “J3” Circle

Close Up J3

It’s amazing how they were able to make such perfect circles without being able to see their work. I can’t even draw a good circle on a regular-size piece of paper.