What This 93 Year #Old #Man Did Is Beyond #Awesome

Bill, a 93 year old Airborne Paratrooper and WWII Veteran, had been trying to do one more jump, but needed to find an organization that would take him up. The amount of support from random people online for Bill was overwhelming. Originally, Bill was hoping to get a handful of suggestions on where he might be able to go. Instead, offers of help and encouragement poured in. So many people offered to jump with Bill, to pay for his jump, to document it, and to come and support him on jump day that Bill went from feeling he had zero options to suddenly being able to go anywhere he wanted.

Bill looking really excited before his big jump.

excited before jump

“Billy Badass” back on safe ground, showing how he earned his nickname.

back on ground

Here is photo of Bill during WW2 and a photo of him completing a 10K last year.

WW2 and 10K

This man deserves even more respect and recognition for not taking the road that everyone takes these days, that of celebrity, fame, etc. There is a real lesson there to be learned by our current generations. His dream was to jump one more time, and I’m so pleased that he managed to complete his dream. Good job Bill! Share Billy Badass’ story with your friends.