What This #Guy Does With Other People’s #Babies Is #Shocking

There is a person in South Korea that is doing something weird with a wood drop box. It appears like exactly what you utilize to drop off a mail, however that is not exactly what he gets inside. Instead, he gathers people’s babies… to save their lives. Pastor Lee Jong-rak from the Jusarang Church in Seoul South Korea asks individuals to put their unwanted babies in the box rather of discarding them on the street or in the garbage.

The pastor produced this drop box to save the lives of many unwanted babies in South Korea.

pastor produced this drop box

Rather of being left to die, he asks people to put them in the box.

parents to place them in the box

The box is warmed, geared up with smoke alarm and is connected to the church.

The box is heated

Many babies are deserted and wind up dead in Seoul yearly.

Hundreds of babies are abandoned

This pastor desired to save those innocent lives.

save those innocent children

You would not believe that it is possible that many babies are left to die in the streets, it is. The awful reality is that the pastor’s drop box saves the lives of many babies. If you would like to contribute to Pastor Lee or his incredible ministry, please check out KindredImage.org. We believe exactly what this pastor is doing is awesome. Share his amazing mission and message with others.