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What This Son Did For His Mom Just Made The Rest Of Us Look Bad

One incredible son decided that he was going to do something different for his mother this past Christmas. Instead of buying her a gift, he was going to make it. The goal of the Christmas gift project would be to make 1,000 origami cranes and put them in some practical form (he would decide exactly what on the fly). Let the paper folding begin!

He began by purchasing colorful sheets of 8.5×11 paper.

purchasing colorful sheets

He was able to get 19 usable squares from each piece of paper.

19 usable squares

And thus, 19 cranes were made from each piece of paper.

cranes were made

Each crane was teeny tiny, about the size of a nickel.

crane was tiny

He settled on folding 200 cranes in each of five colors.

folding 200 cranes

Safely tucking the finished 200 cranes away.

tucking finished cranes

Next, 200 seafoam cranes.

200 seafoam cranes

Then, 200 pink cranes.

200 pink cranes

Then, 200 yellow cranes.

200 yellow cranes

And finally, 200 orange cranes, making 1,000 cranes total.

200 orange cranes

He decided he was done making things by hand and purchased a fillable lamp to put the cranes inside.

a fillable lamp

So, by hand, he placed the tiny cranes in the lamp.

cranes in lamp

By using a measuring tape to make guidelines, he was able to tell how the colors were going to swirl up.

using measuring tape

He only put in 10 cranes at a time, so it was a long process.

only 10 cranes

Slowly, but surely filling.

Slowly but surely

Miraculously, 1,000 cranes fit perfectly into the lamp.

1000 cranes fit

The finished crane lamp base.

crane lamp base

Complete with shade.

Complete with shade

Now that’s dedication.

Now that's dedication

We really hope his mom likes paper cranes.

mom likes cranes

It’s impressive that he spent so much time folding tiny paper cranes, but it’s even more impressive that 1,000 cranes magically fit into the lamp he decided to buy for her. And if his mother are like the mothers we know, the time he put into it will be even bigger gift. Share this son’s amazing gift with your friends and leave a comment below: