You Have No Idea This #Winter #Phenomenon Even #Existed

If you were strolling through a field throughout the winter season and discovered a stunning clearing, loaded with intensely white flowers. However, upon closer examination, you realized that they may not be flowers after all…

Even though this field appears to be filled with stunning white blooms, it is not.

filled with blossoms

These “flowers” are an unusual phenomenon referred to as frost flowers.

phenomenon frost flowers

The phenomenon takes place when plant stems and roots are not frozen and filled with moisture. The moisture travels upwards the stem, freezes, thus producing layers of ice.

phenomenon takes place

Those ice layers form into fragile flower “petals”.

delicate flower petals

And they are definitely stunning.

are absolutely gorgeous

Frost flowers typically happen in the late fall or early winter season, when plants are still alive and have moisture in them. They are unusual and the conditions need to be perfect to develop them. It’s a natural winter season phenomenon you’d be fortunate to capture. Share this gorgeous rarity with others.