You Will Never See #Stereotypes The Same Way Again

Artist Joel Parés sees the world the same as we do, however with a much better sense of the underlying nuances that run our lives. That is why he produced the motivating Judging America visual series to highlight the big issue of stereotypes in America.

You’ll comprehend precisely why Parés selected to focus on this issue when you see these 10 very affluential ladies and gentlemen. They display how even hearing the stories of another individual leads you to believe particular things that have no basis in reality. These images are extremely effective reminders of how we believe and act.

1. Widowed Mother of 3 Children

Widowed Mother of 3 Kids

2. Stanford Graduate School Student

Stanford Graduate School Student

3. Iraqi Combat Veteran

Iraqi Combat Veteran

4. iPhone App Investor Worth Millions

iPhone App Investor Worth Millions

5. Founder of Family Outreach Program

Founder of Family Outreach Program

6. Harvard Graduate

Harvard Graduate

7. CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

8. New York City Nurse

New York City Nurse

9. World Famous Painter

World Famous Painter

10. Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

Full-Time Pastor/Missionary

The fact can be overwhelming, and these images show that stereotypes are upsetting and incorrect. Due to the fact of how society might see their background, it’s terrible to presume somebody is a particular type. Keep in mind these images and assist dissolve unreasonable stereotypes around the world.