You’ll Want To Go To This #Cigarette #Shop Even If You #Hate Cigarettes

Okay, listen, we would never encourage you to start a smoking habit. Cigarettes are gross and unhealthy, we know. But, we definitely encourage you to check out this cigarette shop in Japan where you’ll be greeted by the cutest cashier ever: a shiba-inu dog. The small shop is called Suzuki and draws in tourists as well as regular customers to its Tokyo location all because of this adorable pup who lives there with his owner. And you can’t blame them.

“Hi, what can I get for ya?”

what can I get for ya?

Waiting for customers.

Waiting for customers

Check out the little figurines of him on the right!

little figurines of him

The friendliest cashier you’ll ever meet.

The friendliest cashier

And the CUTEST.


and the cutest

Probably the only employee who can get away with napping on the job.

napping on the job

Check out this video a tourist uploaded of the cutie in action:

Sure we have bodega cats here, but this is so much better. Share all the adorable with your friends!